Tongue Tie Signs and What to do


A tongue tie or what is medically referred to as ankyloglosia is a condition when a fibrous band under the tongue attaches it to the floor of the mouth, thus limiting its range of movements and therefore affecting functions performed by it. These functions include feeding in infants and speech in children and adult.

Breast feeding and Tongue tie:

A tied tongue in most cases occurs with a tied lip. This hinders with formation of a seal around nipple and ability to perform suckling motion, making it difficult to withdraw milk.

Signs that indicate a tied tongue in infants:

  • Inadequate weight gain
  • Colic and irritability
  • Arching back and pulling away while feeding
  • Reflux and gas
  • Choking while feeding
  • Frequent feeding because of inadequate nursing.
  • Dribbling of milk from corner of mouth.
  • Clicking noise while feeding

What to do?

Feeding a child with tongue tie can be stressful for both, mother and the baby however with recent advancements in dentistry tongue and lip ties can be very efficiently released with minimal trauma with soft tissue lasers by specialist dentists trained for the procedure. At dentists and dentures @Liverpool we have up to date equipment and exceptionally trained dentists to perform tongue/lip tie release.

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